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About Heather

I am a wife and mother, rather nostalgic, and passionate about preserving memories.   Almost without fail, a visit to my parents’ house  finds me curled up in a chair with the family albums as I relive my life story through photographs.  I love using my  talent to preserve  memories for other families, and I know that you will never regret investing in them!  After spending two years apprenticing with a fabulous wedding photographer and friend, I started my own family portrait business in 2008.  I can’t imaging doing anything else.

From time to time you’ll see my favorite people on the blog– my husband and little girls– ages 10, 9, 6, 5, and 3.  Yes, you read that right, I am a GIRL mama!   (Refer to my Pinterest boards for our favorite girl-type things).

I also adore coffee in all its forms, am giddy when autumn rolls around (sweaters and a bonfire, anyone?), am a tried and true Baltimore Orioles fan, and enjoy teaching kids about Jesus.  I’ve also fallen in love with the art of calligraphy, and have a heart for encouraging others with Scripture… which brings me to my new venture!

I’m so excited to introduce a calligraphy shop, Heather Grace Creative, offering hand-lettered prints, journals, and cards for your home.  Come find me on Etsy!

Over the past several years I’ve been blessed to spend time getting to know so many  new friends as I tell their stories with my camera– the  glowing anticipation of  expecting a new baby, lovestruck new parents reveling in those fleeting newborn  moments, and families  celebrating the everyday-kind of love .  So I’d love for you,  too, to curl up in a comfy chair and flip through this online “family photo  album” and send me a note if you’d like to  meet!  Thank you for stopping by!