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Family Travels | Part Three

| Packing Travel Bags|

I’ve been sharing about how our family of seven prepares for a big international trip– to England, in our case.  Today, a bit about packing our travel bags for the plane ride!  In the weeks leading up to the trip, I got a box and began throwing in random items we’d be needing for our travels.  I’d pick up something here or there, or find it around the house, and start slowly adding to the pile.

Heather Grace Photography

My master list had a category for my travel bag, Steve’s travel bag, and backpacks for the three oldest girls.  These are the bags we’d be bringing with us on the plane.

Mama’s bag!  This one includes all my little comforts, plus things to take care of the toddler and preschooler.  Ideally, they will be sleeeeeeping (!?) during the overnight flight, but such things are never guaranteed!

Heather Grace Photography

journal | oil rollers | oils case | lip balm | muslin blanket

Not pictured are sanitizing wipes and a plastic zipper bag with some medicines (Benadryl for my kid with mild allergies, infant Motrin, Tums, etc.), and a scarf .  The Oyster card (not pictured) is used for the London Underground.

Heather Grace Photography

The kids’ backpacks.  I’ve collected some fun travel activity books over the past few months, and tucked them away for our trip.  The backpacks will mostly be used for travel days by train and van, and for our return flight which is during the day.

Heather Grace PhotographyHeather Grace Photography

We’ll also add a sweater for the chilly plane ride!

Dad’s Travel Bag.   He likes to carry a backpack, too, and it’ll have our zipper-bag-flat-pressed changes of clothes, iPods and Kindle, a sweatshirt and other little comforts (gum, lip balm, etc.).  Most importantly, the man of the house is responsible for our tickets, boarding passes, and passports!  Keeping all of those super important things together in one place keeps us sane.  Bring it on, airport!

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